The floor of the volleyball court must be flat, level and uniform. The ground of the volleyball court shall not have any hidden dangers which may harm the players. Do not play on rough, wet or slippery volleyball courts. The floor of the FIVB world competition venue can only be wood or synthetic. Any ground must be verified in advance by the FIVB. The floor of the indoor playing field must be light-colored. The boundaries of the FIVB world competition venues are white. The playing field area and the barrier-free area are different colors. For drainage, the outdoor site may have a slope of 5 mm per meter. Do not use any hard object as the site boundary.

Reasons for choosing the assembled floor in volleyball court:


The raw material polypropylene used in this product is a high-strength material. Modified polypropylene with raw materials such as ultraviolet radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, and cold resistance is added to make the product resistant to pressure, impact, high and low temperatures, and long service life. Etc.


The latest wear-resistant layer design keeps the soles tightly against the ground at all times, non-slip and can transmit powerful sports power as you wish. The surface of the floor is specially treated to match the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and reflect glare, which can better protect the eyes of athletes and prevent fatigue. Low heat reflection, no sweat absorption, no moisture, no odor retention.


The assembled floor has excellent sports performance, with a ball rebound rate of 95% and a sliding friction coefficient of 0.52.


The assembled floor has good mobile performance: it can be disassembled and used many times, which can well meet the needs of hosting large high-end games.