Talking about sports wooden floor, we will think of many raw materials, such as maple birch, maple, oak, etc., the following is a detailed explanation for everyone below, what is the difference between these sports wooden floor materials.

First, let’s talk about the wide range of sports venues and maple trees. Maple raw material has a high density, high strength, wear-resistance, and impact resistance. Its hardness is 12% higher than that of red oak and 7% higher than that of white oak. The wood texture is fine and not easy to be broken. Under the conflict effect, it becomes brighter and smoother. It has a strong ability to withstand the impact force, so it is durable and wear-resistant. Very suitable for the raw materials of the gymnasium, which can effectively improve the level of athletes’ technical performance.

Maple is an organism with a variety of wood fibers and cell bubbles, plus natural shock absorption. It is outstanding in sensation absorption, to avoid physical damage to athletes. It also has long wood fibers and tight wood fiber structure, which makes maple materials have good elasticity and hardness, regardless of safety. In terms of performance and performance, it can meet the requirements of various types of sports floors.

Maple sports flooring system is a fixed suspension sports wooden flooring system with high shock absorption and continuity, which fully meets the professional requirements of sports functions.

  1. Good elasticity and moderate hardness.
  2. strong stability, not easy to deform.
  3. The texture is tight, clear and excellent in appreciation.
  4. Good functions such as wear resistance, sound absorption, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance.
  5. light tones, bright and elegant.

Applicable venues: professional basketball venues, professional volleyball venues, professional badminton courts, squash courts, large performance stage venues, table tennis courts, and other indoor stadiums.

Maple birch sports floor has bright colors, clean panels, and high-quality pure maple birch.

  1. The texture is straight and prominent, the color is soft, and the texture is clear and circulating.
  2. The structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the texture is slightly softer than maple.
  3. It has elasticity, good processing function, cut surface lubrication, good paint, and glue function.
  4. The raw materials are uniform, the annual rings are slightly significant, and the wood is delicate and pale white and yellowish.
  5. Strong nail grip and good raw material toughness.

Oak sports flooring has even color differences. The factory comes with UV sports wooden floor anti-slip paint. The oak color is darker, and the large area is soft and stain-resistant.

  1. Hard texture and easy to dry.
  2. Severe specificity and high intensity.
  3. Tight structure, not easy to saw, lubricate the cut surface.
  4. Good abrasion resistance, dirt resistance, and coloring function.
  5. long time playing on the oak sports wooden floor will not cause visual fatigue.
  6. denser than maple sports wooden floor, the ball’s elasticity is also better.