Due to the special nature of sports, especially indoor sports, the wooden floor used in indoor gyms is very unusual. The special wooden floor used is professional and functional. Sports wooden floor has sports function, protection function, and technical performance, so it is popular among the public. So after some sports wooden floors are paved, the wooden floor slips, which seriously affect normal use. What is the reason for this?

  1. The paint on the surface layer of the sports wooden floor is too thick or uneven, which reduces the surface flatness of the sports wooden floor.
  2. In the installation of sports wooden flooring, no special paint for sports flooring was used, and the coefficient of friction did not reach the standard, resulting in the lack of protection for athletes.
  3. The oil stains and stains left on the sports floor during daily use by sports wooden floor are not treated in time, which causes the sliding coefficient of sports wooden floor to decrease.

After finding the reason, we have the corresponding solution:

Brush special anti-slip paint

Sports wooden floor has the characteristics of being smooth and not slippery. The floor paint used is a professional non-slip wear-resistant paint, which can provide good protection for athletes during sports. At present, some unprofessional small construction teams in the domestic market, to reduce costs and at the expense of the interests of customers, do their hands and feet on materials, resulting in professional basketball wooden floor slipping phenomenon. When laying basketball wooden floors, professional manufacturers and construction units must be used.


Basketball wooden floors need good maintenance. They must not be soaked in water. Moisture is also the nemesis of wooden floors. Ventilation holes should be cleaned frequently. In the summer, ventilation should be performed once a day, and at least 2 hours of ventilation should be guaranteed each time.

Clean up the oil and water stains on the ground in time, and mop the floor with a dry mop.

The above method can timely solve the slippage of the sports wooden floor. If you have any questions, please contact the sports wooden floor manufacturer in time.