Have you finally decided to improve your futsal floor? Well this is indeed the right place to get everything that you may need to know about the futsal flooring. A new futsal flooring is basically meant increases the gaming experiences and therefore it is important that you make the right considerations when choosing the right futsal floor. There are quite several flooring options to choose from. However tiles are more appropriate as they are more attractive and durable as well. The floor installation process depends on the type of match to be played on the futsal court and therefore you also need to determine whether the court will be hosting local or international matches. Discussed herein are some of the top ways on how to choose the best futsal flooring.

Maintenance requirements

If you are looking for a durable floor material that does not require regular maintenance then a natural hardwood floor maybe the right choice to settle for. A floor material that requires regular attention probably every month then that may quite be an expensive option to settle for. Such floors may not even last for a longer time hence requiring regular repairs which may be quite expensive. Usually the tile texture directly related to the amount of dirt that accumulates on the tiles. It may therefore be wise choosing a floor material that may not require regular maintenance to avoid future repairs and installations.

Color options

Tiles are available in a range of colors and therefore you can choose from glossy to dull tiles based on your preferences. You may choose an attractive color however you need to avoid very glossy tiles as they prone to dirt and may not be a right choice for a futsal pitch. Choosing a unique color and tile patterns also adds an extra value to the futsal flooring project.


Going for a more durable floor saves you some addition costs on repairs and future floor installations. You should therefore consider settling for a quality floor that may be expensive but lasts for a longer duration. Choosing a tougher and hardy floor materials may allow you to enjoy your futsal floor for more than a decade. Both the granite and marble tiles are better options to settle for as they are prone to cracks and staining hence appropriate for a futsal court. Choosing either the ceramic, brick and vinyl materials may also be a good choice as they are more durable and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Indoor or outdoor use

The weather conditions also play an essential role in determining the type of tiles to install in the futsal court. For outdoor futsal courts, terracotta, clay and brick tiles are the best choices to consider. However, for other indoor installations, other tiles may be recommended. However you need to ensure that the tiles are durable and prone to stains.

Resistance to chemicals

If you are planning to install the tiles in an area which is subject to abrasive chemical then you need to choose a hardy tile which are also prone to stains. Usually slate tiles are recommended in such cases. Such floor tiles may be expensive but they are worth the price as you may not incur regular maintenance costs or frequent repairs and tile installations.

Size and shape of the tiles

Unlike in the olden days when the square and the rectangular tiles were the standard options available, more tile shapes have been introduced giving you a larger option to choose from. Some of the major interesting options may include the hexagonal, circular, triangular and octagonal tile shapes. Simply choose a shape that suits your preferences. The tiles are also produced in different sizes and therefore you can have a range of options to choose from. You will also need to choose dark colored tiles to avoid dirt accumulation in the court.

Subfloor material

If you are planning to install a new floor then the current flooring may highly impact on the next tile floor that you will be installing in the futsal court. This may be quite challenging in choosing the right material that would match with the subfloor material that was previously installed in the futsal pitch. It would therefore be more appropriate if you removed the subfloor material before installing the new tile floor.

Installation assistance

The company hired for the floor installations also play a major role in determining the quality of the floor being installed. You should therefore consider hiring a fully experienced company in futsal floor installation for faster and quality floor installations. Some suppliers will also provide regular maintenances in case the futsal court require any repairs. This thus saves you some of the floor maintenance costs.

Future challenges

While focusing on the type of futsal flooring, you should also think about the future challenges after the floor installations. If you are currently hosting local games then you need to think about the future expected games. You could probably be hosting international matches in the future and it is therefore important that you include such projections in your flooring plans. Choose a floor that is durable even in cases of a heavy traffic. You should also choose a floor that is flexible for future changes and improvements. A floor surface that is easy to refinish may be a good option to consider. It is not only an ideal option that would cater for future changes but also an affordable option to consider.

Choosing a futsal flooring may indeed be a challenging decision to make. you will need to make more floor considerations in order to finally settle for a quality floor that would last for more years without regular maintenance. you will need to choose a durable floor material, a floor that is prone to dirt and cracks as well. you should also consider a floor that is flexible to future changes just in case you need to make some court improvements in the future. However the entire floor installation should not be a difficult process with the floor tips highlighted here in.