While the year 2019 didn’t have a lot of openings for stadiums in the United States, the two major venue announcements were Chase Center in the San Francisco and Minnesota in Allianz Field. We don’t mean that there was a lack of innovation for better stadium experiences.

Thus, a vital thing to consider for the improvement of basic essentials in the football stadiums is installation of lighting in football field that provides various benefits to players, fans with administration.

Depending on the needs, you can decide on having football stadium lights for a temporary or for permanent basis.

The temporary football stadium lights are units that are self-contained. These are quite portable and mostly required for certain events and games. The permanent football stadium lights get fixed on the poles for solutions in long-term based on requirements and budget. Installation can be done from either any of the two.

In respect to the different types of football stadium lights you can make a selection that seems appropriate for the type and size of football stadium along with the duration of matches. Let’s look at a few football stadium lights that deliver optimum performance in different weather conditions and work for long period of time.

Hyperikon LED Stadium Lights 500W, 5700K, 70000 lumens

The Hyperikon 500W LED Round football stadium lights are meant for deliver an output of super bight luminance over a large coverage area. The high-output sturdy lighting fixture is designed through the most durable and sturdy aermet material composition. The light is combined with compact construction housing Meanwell driver with multi-facet unique optic design that the LED stadium light truly remains durable product built for sustainably lasting much longer compared to 45,000+ hours lights. The football stadium lights are designed for delivering true heavy-duty performance.

The Hyperikon Floodlight for outdoor stadium use ensures delivery of the most efficient photoelectric conversion, with strong output, energy saving with performance that would last for longer. This is available with anti-static surfaces, high purity cold-forging aluminum sink in addition to higher thermal conductivity with constant voltage driver.


The stadium light has 65 ingress safety rating and is sealed for protection against dust particles and water.The area coverage is with 40beam angle with 1.60 sq feet of projected area with illumination capacity of 130 Lm/W.Light shield with removable mounting bracket for simple installation.


The light doesn’t have any issue unless too much light is a problem for you.

AntLux LED Flood Light 200W Super Bright Stadium Lights, 26000LM, 5000K

The Outdoor football stadium lights with 200W power delivers a high-powered performance with functional lifelong lifespan with great savings on energy costs. This is ideal for illumination of huge football stadiums with other industrial and commercial uses as well. This is fine replacement with upgraded choice meant for current HPS with fixtures of metal halide. The LED upgrade saves you a lot of electricity bill costs with low costs on maintenance and also prevents light induced pollution.


Super Bright light that replaces the less-effective conventional lights with 26000lm output with 200W outdoor football stadium lights. Reduces electricity costs by more than 80% with 23 years working lifespan when consumed 6 hours daily.The LED football stadium lights are used by diecasting aluminum through fine dissipation of heat. Bad weather protection and waterproofing with IP66 protection.Get light in any position through yoke-style bracket.Wide usage – 200W led flood lights outdoors would be fine for squares, stadiums, parking lots, billboards, exterior wall building, rural areas, etc. Get five-year warranty for ensuring that any problem doesn’t last for long.


Weather protection not satisfactory.

Viugreum LED 400W Outdoor Stadium Lights, 40000 Lumen, 6000K

The Viugreum LED light is high quality 2835 Chip light for delivering bright luminance to large areas such as football stadiums, large parks, squares, and other indoor and outdoor areas.

The light is energy saving and super bright with 400w football stadium lights that offer 30000LM of fine output! The level of brightness is a lot of times higher compared to conventional lighting bulbs, but that saves more than 80% of electricity. The Spotlight also Emits 60-degree angle for offering farther irradiation distance with highly focused beam lighting.

The light delivers highly transparent PC mask lighting, with higher transmission and is white similarly to daylight (6000-6600K). The light gets built through thick shell of aluminum getting larger dissipation area for heat and great dissipation effect for extension of bead’s life. The lamps are designed through waterproof plugs with housings without the requirement for worrying about raining. The ideal light usage for outdoors.


The lights are available with IP67 waterproofing feature and the waterproof landscape sealing is ideal for outdoor usage. The installation is done with metal adjustable bracket through different angle adjustment.The outdoor flood lighting is higher than 30000 hours and it doesn’t only save replacement costs, but also lessens maintenance costs as well. Get guarantee for maximum security performance with FCC, ROHS and CE certifications. 60angled bema for farther irradiation distance for focused lighting.


Poor Lead quality with varying finish.Units get hot quickly.

Onforu 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light, 10000lm Super Bright Security Lights

The Bright LED light is meant for large surfaces and the lighting fixture is ideal for saving a lot of energy. LED flood lights having 140 ultra-bright beads are ideal for producing of more than 10000lm high levels of bright white light as it also replaces 500W conventional halogen bulb, for saving 80% on the lighting electricity bill; the 120beam angle, and shadow-free with anti-glare offering fine lighting for exterior environment.

With the light you can also add protective rim angle for the four body corners of the light while these efficiently protect football stadium lights from getting broken.

The SPCC bracket allows to firmly fix floodlight with wall reliability. The upgraded fins for heat sinking are helpful for extraction of more heat, and these also extend the LED floodlight life.


Simple and stable installation with thick and widened adjustable metal bracket is meant to provide stability to the light. The bracket can be adjusted to various angles.The heat sink dissipates heat in the fastest manner.The light has IP66 waterproofing and is made through Die-cast aluminum housing with tempered glass, the flood light works fine in sleet, snow and rain. The super bright lighting is ideal for illuminating large areas like football stadiums, parking lots, gardens, etc.


Changing weather conditions can pose as problems for illumination.

LEDMO Stadium Lights

The LED football stadium lights available by LEDMO are some of the best available options for bright illuminations. Since the year 2013 on market, the LEDMO deservedly grew as largest names for football stadium LED lights markets. The models, such as these don’t have longer life and low consumption of power and also offer better brightness in a nice and even distribution. The lighting area has no glares and shadows with illumination from LEDMO. The models from LEDMO have been quite reliable in the past as this is quite a customer-focused brand and their products are available for purchase with 5-year product warranty with great customer support.


THE LEDMO football stadium lights provide 130 lumens brightness for a watt, making these truly efficient. With die-cast aluminum you get fine dissipation of heat while having long life and better operation of the football stadium lights. Also, these provide better uniformity in lighting allowing for coverage of large areas without any shadows with little or zero glare with spread of light. LEDMO lighting fixtures are also available with 5-year warranty with guarantee that you get the experience you want.


Installation of LEDMO LED lights remain hassle also for experienced professionalsThe unit backs often inconsistently rotate with 180-degree angle meaning that for a few the light cable leaves unit from bottom while for others this happens from top. Luckily this gets fixed through unscrewing backs while rotating this yourself.

STASUN LED Stadium Flood Light

The LED Football Stadium Light from STASUN is renowned for its versatility with fine quality, these are fine football stadium lights available for using as arena lights and property protection as well.

Not only as lights for illuminating large football stadiums, but these are known for their other properties as well. With the high-power illumination of 40,500 lumens, these flood lights can easily brighten up yards and fields of more than 2,583 sq. feet surface without any issues. The best thing you get with these stadiums lights is their flexibility and these get adjusted well for almost all types of situation because of their 180-degree vertical and 330-degree horizontal pivoting.

Also due to their robust die-cast aluminum housing, these are quite durable with shock-resistance PC lens. Together, this with LED quality, the STASUN football stadium lights get longer life with approx. 50,000 hours for normal usage.


The LED football stadium lights provided by STASUN gets set up though photoelectric sensor. Another feature putting these as the best out there is the high 40,500 lumen unit brightness. The light that you get with these football stadium lighting fixtures also doesn’t have any shadows and glares, making these fine for large fields. All lighting fixtures from STASUN pivot at 330 degrees to side along with 180 degrees vertically, making these fine from almost all types of situations.


Doesn’t provide clear instruction

Hyperikon LED Stadium Light, 1000W

Again, from the leading light manufacturer Hyperikon, you get another fine large area lighting fixture in LED variant. Now, this one is an upgraded 1000W model. With this you get fine brightness levels of more than 160,000 lumens with bright and not blindly, 5000KL units of light.

The design for this lighting fixture is meant for covering a greater and wider area with football stadium lights of highest quality. The lighting is made through same tech other model feature, meaning that this lasts respectable 45,000 hours or more, depending on how good this gets looked after.


The lighting can help greatly in saving a lot of costs, and even with the regular usage in week after week for a lot of hours at one time. As this has been expected, and much similarly to others from company it would benefit through 66 IP rating for keeping this safe from the dust and water immersion, among a lot of other things that damages and this causes breaking down a lot quicker.Like a lot of other options, the large model would offer practical and concentrated 60-degree beam angle, meaning that nothing gets left to chance and there is no-one around stadium left in dark.


The reputation of Hyperikon has been as a high-performance lighting fixture manufacturer, with practically designed fixtures proceeding and the product doesn’t do anything for diminishing their places as the leading industry names.

LEDSMASTER LED Stadium Light 320W

The 320W powered LED light from LEDSMASTER is an exceptionally well performing high brightness light intended for placing on stadium roof with 40 to 70-meter height. The high-powered LED adopts well with flip-chip technology and also the lamp’s size is quite compact. This also has been equipped with Meanwell driver to get stable output.

A special coating is present on LED chips for dealing with dissipation issues affecting the brightness and lifespan of football stadium lights. Heat gets effectively reduced without external devices like water and cooling fan.


The fine thing is that LED chips are quite free from flicker, so that brightness remains consistent even with high speed recording. With their compact size and lightweight these can be easily installed without much hassle.


Only single source power selection, so if you require brightness and power, you’ll have to directly contact LED manufacturer.

Hykolity 100W LED Flood Light

When you’re looking out for an affordable LED light to deliver exceptional performance and withstanding everything that the environment delivers, the Hykolity 100W Stadium light would be the best thing to have. The light has a color temperature output of 5000K white, and is quite bright with ideal illumination capacity for nighttime. The body has been finished through rugged die-cast aluminum and provides optimum safety for the football stadium lights.

Whether the intended use is outdoor or indoor, the light can easily last for longer time periods and doesn’t descend on performance. The shock and vibration resistance, so people don’t have any fear of storms. The light offers 11000 lumens and saves more than 70 percent electricity usage.


Affordable and available with 5-year warranty.This adjustable yoke mount with super light0-weight makes the light simple to install without hassles.Impressive water sealing around the lens and cable for providing protection for wet environments.


Slightly short cable making the installation difficult.Less instructions on package.

FaithSail 150W LED Flood Light outdoor Stadium Lights, 16500LM, 5000K, IP66 Waterproof LED Floodlight

FaithSail has been providing some of the best available bright industrial lighting with great properties. The bright lighting available with the FaithSail 150W Stadium Light uses lesser energy meaning that you save more than 70% of the electricity bill. The Football Stadium light provides more than 16500lm lamination which equals to 450W Metal Halide with traditional hps lights.

The new design is compact without any performance sacrifice. The rugged aluminum design has fast and efficient heat dissipation. You can protect driver and LED chips for ensuring lifespan with stable performance. The light is best suitable for large spaces such as football stadiums, parking lots, driveways, farms, arenas, backyard, streets, bridges and for other commercial and industrial applications as well.


Compact and rugged aluminum design.Simple installation with yoke-style bracket for positioning in different angles.IP66 waterproofing for bearing all weather conditions.Available with 5-year warranty for ensuring satisfaction of customers.


Instructions not clear on the manual so electrician would be required for installation.

From these different football stadium lights listed above you can select the one that suits best with the requirements of the football stadium and the matches that you’re going to organize. A few benefits that people get with stadium lights for football fields are flexibility of matches, enhanced match experience and security of the audience inside stadium. So these are a must!