LED screen has become an indispensable screen effect in modern life, and it is also a necessary lighting product for modern large stadiums. It will also use a large number of LED screens in many major sports events, especially such as the Olympic Games and the World Championships. Asian Games and other world’s top sports events are indispensable equipment. In many cases, we will also obviously see the stadium LED screen, because their effect is more obvious.

This kind of stadium LED screen can be divided into two kinds from the places where it is currently used. Full-color LED screen large screen, mainly used to play on the field of the game or other exciting scenes, or slow-motion playback, or wonderful close-ups, etc … or some stereo animation Performance games and events in a certain area, in short, are like a giant color TV. Due to a large number of tourists coming to the Olympics and large-scale international events, because of the limited viewing position on the field, many people cannot go to the field, but this does not prevent them from watching the game, so they can also be in public places in the city or the city. A full-color large screen is set up to broadcast the actual situation on the field so that more people can participate in large-scale competitions as they are. But this is not entirely within the scope of venue construction.

The other is the timing and scoring LED screen. This screen will be connected to the game’s timing and scoring system. It can fully screen the player’s performance and related information. In a sense of the game, the chronometer The split-screen becomes even more important. Some stadiums may not have a large video screen, but it is impossible to have a screen for timing and scoring. Because of the timing and scoring screen, the key is real-time accurate and clear, and on this basis, try to be as vivid and stronger as possible. The scoring LED screen mainly screens the player’s performance or other information in text or graphics. Its color can be single color, multicolor, or full color. The graphics should mainly screen the symbolic information of the national flag of the player, and the animation should be suitable for the screen effect of the screen screen.

Also, there are large LED screens used for commercial advertising. Speaking of this screen, there are a variety of forms. The more common screens are LED screens around the stadium and on the stands. But the Olympics generally do not allow commercial advertising.