To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the team’s founding, the Bucks will leave the old stadium MECCA Center. This stadium is of great significance to the Bucks. The team has set up its home field here from 1968 to 1988, and won the NBA championship in 1971 champion.

As a witness in this historic game, the Celtics players who are witnesses are also honored, but there are also many concerns. Owen said before the game that the floor of the MECCA center looked very old, and he took three steps to find that the venue where he played was not the same, and he was worried that there would be adverse reactions on his knees. So, what should an NBA-compliant floor look like?

Since most NBA arenas also host ice hockey games, each team will undergo 70-floor disassembles in a year, which requires that the material of the floor must have sufficient hardness to withstand wear and tear. In the Midwest of North America, especially in Wisconsin and Michigan, there are dense maples and hard maples. Except for the Celtics, the floor of the other 29 teams is made of these two types of trees.

Maple is harder than other hardwoods, denser in texture, and brighter in color.

Maple flooring also has another benefit, which is that it has a good reflective ability, which not only makes it easier for players to judge the ball’s movement trajectory but also makes the entire stadium appear brighter, giving fans a better viewing experience. Also, the floor of this material is flexible, which greatly helps the player to control the ball.

A standard NBA basketball court is 94 feet (28.65 meters) long and 50 feet (15.24 meters) wide. It is spliced ​​into more than 200 boards to form a whole court. A number consisting of letters and numbers is written on the side of each floor. The letters “A, B, C …” are horizontal numbers, and the numbers “1,2,3 …” are vertical. Each installation Positioning according to the number can improve work efficiency, and can also avoid positional disorder. The floor is about 0.7 inches thick, a standard that has been in use since the first maple floor in the late 19th century.

Although there is no difference between materials and standards, each site looks very different. Because the Maple Flooring Association divides these hardwood floors into three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, it is the division of levels that makes each NBA field unique.

“If a team wants a brighter floor, we will provide the first-level floor. Before the completion, we will use some techniques to increase and maintain the brightness of the floor,” said Hamar. “If some teams want the brightness of the field, More layered, the solution we provide is to use the first-level floor in the center of the stadium and a third-level floor around it. “

In addition to the division of the floor level, different styles determine the appearance of the venue. For example, the magic and Celtic parquet floors, the herringbone pattern of the Nets and the “honeycomb” pattern of the wasps. To make such a floor, Piece together different levels of wood.

The NBA court is not as simple as laying a maple floor directly. There are various designs under the board. First, a protective layer is needed to separate the ice rink or concrete floor, and then a layer of moisture-proof rubber pad is used to further isolate water vapor, and then there is a layer of elastic soft pad to play a buffering role. The elastic module helps the absorption of impact force, the rebound of the ball and the control of vibration, which allows the player to perform better.

Not all floors include a cushioning system. “The elastic cushions under the floor help to increase the elasticity of the floor, but not in all cases,” said Hamar. Depending on the thickness of the elastic cushion, the energy absorbed by the floor will also vary. If the energy is absorbed too much, and the player does not get enough reaction force, running on such a floor will be very difficult, just like stepping on sand or water. You don’t want most of the energy of the players to be absorbed by the floor, “said Hamar. Some players prefer to play on harder grounds because they can get enough reaction. “

Based on these foundations, the top layer is the real maple floor, and the aesthetic design is also concentrated on this layer. The NBA’s requirements for viewing are getting higher and higher, and the design process is becoming more and more complicated. For example, the snow mountain scenery and miner’s hammer appeared on the floor of the Nuggets. The huge pelican pattern fills …

To achieve these effects, the flooring company will dye or paint the maple. Finally, it is necessary to ensure that each floor is coated with a layer of high-gloss polyurethane, that is, waxing. Waterproof and antifouling effect.

“We must have 100% confidence to ensure that each field can give players the same experience,” Hamar said. “We don’t want to make players feel that they are struggling to play on a certain floor.”

As for the huge team logo, NBA official logo, team logo, city name near the bottom line and other fixed parts are posted, according to NBA official regulations, these oily or water-based stickers must be in each offseason replace.