Maple flooring is the best choice for basketball halls. Wooden floor construction for basketball courts, sports flooring for basketball halls are usually made of maple flooring, soft and hard, comfortable to the feet. Maple is a long-fiber tree species. It is not easy to produce wood thorns during processing or use, and will not cause injury to athletes. The long-fiber tree species are relatively more resistant to abrasion and compression and have a longer service life. The processed maple sports wooden floor is not easy to absorb moisture and deform because of humid air. Maple products are bright in color, non-reflective, and have no chromatic aberration, which is suitable for the beauty of TV and other broadcast games. Sports flooring has begun to be used on sports floors. The floor they are laid on not only has a beautiful appearance but also has a stylish effect. Also, for sports athletes, they have the following advantages for sports on the sports wooden floor. When it comes to the word stadium, our first reflection is the place where sports are played, and it is also a place for us to watch the game. However, the word sports wooden floor may be understood by many people. The professional design of sports places such as activity rooms, from laying, to design, to production, are all different from traditional flooring. There are many types of structural designs, which are targeted at different environments and sports.

Whether it is competition or training, using the gym floor is the best choice. Because they use the finest solid wood material. The pure solid wood material does not contain any impurities and harmful substances and does not release harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Moreover, pure solid wood material has good durability, anti-slip performance, and moisture absorption performance. Ability to better balance left and right. It has been recognized and praised by many stadiums.

  1. Installation procedure: Generally speaking, the floor is a three-point floor and a seven-point installation, so special attention should be paid when laying sports wooden flooring. Only proper installation can ensure that sports wooden flooring will not occur under repeated temperature changes.
  2. Formaldehyde emission: Everyone knows that this is a harmful gas to the human body, so everyone must pay attention when choosing sports wooden flooring. Generally, when we reproduce sports wooden flooring, we spray paint and wax on its surface, which greatly reduces harmful gases. Therefore, we must choose sports wooden flooring with guaranteed quality, because poor selection will not only cause injury to the athlete’s body but also affect the audience’s body to a certain extent.

The above two aspects are the things you should know before buying sports wooden flooring. I hope that it will be helpful to everyone. The maintenance of professional wooden flooring products is very important to us.