With the continuous development of society, night lighting is an indispensable item in life. People have higher and higher requirements for lamps and lanterns, so many types of lamps and lanterns products have multiplied. Today I want to introduce to you High mast lights that are mainly used in stadiums, squares, playgrounds, and other large-scale lighting occasions. They have a very important role in shaping the atmosphere at night. High mast lights are very conducive to people’s safety, comfort, and appreciation The surrounding environment.

Before installing the high mast light, you must choose a reasonable lighting method. Because the high mast light is relatively large, you must also consider the area of the lighting control in the early stage, and handle the illuminance, light color, color rendering, three-dimensional sense, texture, flash, glare Limitation, and other indicators, we must also consider eliminating unnecessary shadows during lighting, and control the adverse effects of light and ultraviolet rays on people.

A lightning rod and rain cover should be installed on the top of the lifting mast of the high mast light because the height of the high mast light is relatively high and it is made of iron, so the lightning rod should be set, because there are many control mechanisms inside the mast to prevent rain Corrosion is required, so a rain cover should be installed, so these two items are essential.

In addition to the electrical control system, a lifting system needs to be installed in the rectangular space at the bottom of the high mast light. The electric control system can effectively avoid the movement failure of the high mast light lifting function caused by the bad outdoor environment. There are various circuit overload protectors in the electric control system. The lifting system is composed of an electric motor, a worm gear reducer, a safety coupling, the main wire rope, an auxiliary wire rope splitter, and a pulley. The turbo worm reducer of the high mast light has excellent self-locking ability and the transmission work is very compact.

high mast light is a very high-quality large-scale lighting product, you can rest assured to buy!