First of all, good external conditions are the basis for the maintenance of sports wooden floors. Usually, sports wooden floors must have a moisture-proof, leak-proof space and temperature and humidity are suitable for use. Do not drag hard or sharp objects on the wooden floor to prevent floor damage.

The sports wooden floor is specially designed for sports competitions and training. When the venue is usually open, you must change shoes or bring shoe covers to enter the hall. Staff must also wear fleece shoe covers to enter the hall temporarily.

It is strictly forbidden to wear hard-soled shoes with nails and gravel to enter the sports wooden flooring site, and rubber pads, spare shoe covers or other facilities to prevent floor damage shall be provided at the entrance.

In the pavilion, the relative humidity should be maintained in four seasons. The suitable indoor humidity of solid wood sports flooring should be maintained at about 40-60%, and the indoor temperature should be controlled between -5°C – 30°C. To make the solid wood floor suitable for the environment as much as possible, the air must be humidified when the hot air is opened during the dry season, otherwise, the humidity difference will be too great to damage the floor and cause large areas of cracks in sports wooden floors. In the rainy season, we should pay attention to ventilation and dryness, and prevent doors and windows from leaking. We must prevent personnel’s soles, rain gear, etc. from bringing water floors. Sports wooden floors must not be immersed in water and should be checked at all times.

If you use sports wood flooring frequently, you should wipe it with kerosene mop cloth every day. In general, you only need to wipe with kerosene or professional floor oil once a week. During use, never use a mop with water to wipe the surface of the sports wooden floor. When there is water on the sports wooden floor, it must be removed in time. If there are stains, wipe with an appropriate amount of detergent

Residual chewing gum on the basketball wooden floor can be fully cooled with ice cubes and then gently scraped off with a craft blade.

Sports wood flooring should avoid long-term load exceeding its range. Equipment, instruments and other heavy objects are strictly forbidden to be dragged on the sports wooden floor.

Sports wooden floors should be kept away from any form of liquid, especially acid, alkali, salt, and other corrosive liquids.

Sports wooden floor should avoid strong light exposure and high-temperature artificial light source for a long time.

Regularly check the ventilation holes and exposed expansion joints, and do not block them with debris. Clean up the dust regularly.

The water pipe and plumbing pipe joints on the roof, around the sports wooden floor or above the sports wooden floor must be regularly checked for water leakage. If there is a drip phenomenon, measures must be taken promptly.