Having a basketball court at indoors is a vital use of the spared space in large backyards and also can be fun places for both children and adults to enjoy while socializing together. Whether you just want to organize an aggressive team spirit game or rather want to be in pick-up laid back game with friends after finishing of the work, basketball would be a fine way as with it players having different ability and age get an opportunity for shining.

So if you’re keen on getting your very own residential indoor dream basketball court installed in an indoor hall, or any other indoor space, you need to have a lot of aspects in mind to bear before you continue towards the purchase.

While there are many factors that make an indoor basketball court flooring completely stand out for a smooth game, the primary thing to look upon would be having appropriate flooring as even with minor differences in the yield, flatness and feel can simply change the whole way through which the basketball game is being played. The material of flooring needs to be solid and hard so that ball bounces in a consistent manner.

Also the floor material that needs to be installed for the indoor basketball court flooring has to be quite durable so the surface easily bears constant rigorous impact. Only few options are there with characteristics that are suitable for rigorous demands.

Wooden court flooring

The game of basketball got created when James Naismith got asked by YMCA for coming up with active type of indoor game that wears out kids during Winters of New England. The first played game was there in gymnasium on maple floor that was an inspiration as despite having modern techniques for manufacturing, the most used material for indoor basketball courts is still the hardwood, also including for professional teams.

Plastic court flooring

A few basketball court manufacturers are nowadays beginning to build synthetic plastic materials with the solid strength that is necessary for basketball court, when combined with yielding that makes these quite safe against any accidental falls, and also quite better to get ball bounce. All these are typically comprised of polypropylene, which gets molded to squares that click together, making it quite simply for DIY installation.

Eco friendly indoor basketball courts

The flooring for basketball court that is ecologically friendly is manufactured through resources such as recycled wood. Rubber trees get harvested for the sap, that would only get produced for around 25 years, after which the plant’s functional life gets over. After reclaiming such resource for the basketball court, producers of flooring materials also help in cutting down on any types of waste.

Court flooring for a lot of wood basketball flooring can easily get reclaimed and recycled to be used in various other indoor projects for the gymnasium when it isn’t being used.

Indoor basketball court tiles

Tiles for the purpose of indoor sports have been designed for mostly indoor court tiles for badminton courts, shuffleboards, and basketball courts, just to name few of these. Such tiles are available in different colors that are available for mixing or creating a lot of unique designs and patterns and these are generally painted to design custom court of your choice.

The construction of these tiles have been done through had plastic polypropylene and this helps in providing shock better shock absorbency for the purpose of sports of higher impact. As addition to the floor, the rubber underlayment gets laid within the floor for offering even better amount of shock absorbency while offering spring surface to practice and play. Typically these sturdy surface tiles come with warranty included which ensures that the new court floors last well for years.

The impact resistant high quality polypropylene ensures better chemical resistance, durability and color fastness in all indoor sport tiles.

Maple flooring

The particular material has been in use for indoor and outdoor basketball courts since long due to its tight-knit structure. The flooring ensures for prevention of small debris particles for getting embedded in the surface, leading to a few little flaws that develop gradually. Also the material has been resistant to any form of splintering and it has a lot of yield for properly keeping ball bouncing appropriately without getting dampened speed.

Selecting other wood types

While the maple material seems as a good indoor basketball court flooring option and remains the standard one used for professional matches, a lot more local gymnasiums and homes make use of variety of less expensive other hardwoods for such purpose. While this saves considerable money, it would also be vital to select materials with proper strength for holding up against any abuse the basketball court gets, or the cost-benefit would be offset through the bills or repairs and replacements.

Hardwood finishing

One feature about basketball courts is that they are completely flat, so after installation of planks they easily get sanded for removal of any minor imperfections for creating a flat and evenly smooth surface. Later on, various polyurethane coatings get applied for protection of wood and this provides it with lustrous appearance. At such point the markets and lines required for sport remain painted on floor. Lastly, two or more polyurethane coating remains applied for laminating images in floor as a single solid piece.


For private basketball courts, a lot of people only install surface covering on top of plywood or concrete that already remains there. For professional basketball courts, you would think of creating surface that remains hard for dribble, but the ones also with yielding properties for helping cut down on any shock damages to the joints of athletes from jumping and running impact. Such orthopedic surface gets achieved through cushioned subfloor use and other underlayment materials like rubber pads that are packed with air and also set foot apart.

Floor Maintenance

At least for a minimum of one year, the whole surface has to get screen-buffed and fresh polyurethane coating must be applied for keeping the floor surface appearance bright and shiny. Using basketball court gymnasium for dances, parties and various other activities would degrade it quicker because of furniture leg scraping and shoe scuffs.

Daily cleaning calls for indoor basketball court flooring should include the use of damp mop with a floor cleaner once daily. Then, again it needs to be dry mopped after single use for removing abrasive grit and dirt particles. If liquids drop on surface they must get wiped up real quick. The basketball court nature is quite sensitive and it has to adhere with strict quality controls with optimal quality flooring for professional matches.