Formaldehyde is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the decoration industry in recent years. In addition to formaldehyde, it is a matter of public participation. People who are seriously injured by formaldehyde are life-threatening. The point is that formaldehyde is everywhere in life. So how can we effectively avoid the damage caused by formaldehyde in the use of the wooden floor of the basketball hall?

First of all, the window ventilation is the most affordable and useful method. The formaldehyde in the floor is released into the air through the gas and then absorbed by the human body, which endangers our health. However, pay attention to the window ventilation to allow the formaldehyde to be carried away with the air. Outside the house, but this method is far from being able to avoid the harm of formaldehyde.

Secondly, we often see the preparation of more green plants, which can absorb formaldehyde through photosynthesis, but not any plant can absorb formaldehyde, but want to absorb formaldehyde such as Chlorophytum, chrysanthemum. If you put some of these plants in your home, you can not only absorb formaldehyde but also watch them. Another method of this formaldehyde adsorption method is the activated carbon adsorption method. In recent years, activated carbon has been popular in major markets, because activated carbon has certain adsorption on decomposition. It is also a good idea to put more activated carbon on the wooden floor of the newly renovated basketball hall.

Finally, there is a method to remove formaldehyde through scientific and technological means. The first is to remove formaldehyde through chemical agents and eliminate formaldehyde according to chemical reactions. Formaldehyde capture agents are directly sold on the market. You can try it out. The other is to remove formaldehyde through air purifiers. Now many styles of purifiers have the function of removing formaldehyde. Now more friends buy purifiers and put them in the basketball hall. The effect of this method is obvious.