High mast lights are often used in stadiums, playgrounds and other places that require large-area lighting. Due to the relatively high price, users are very cautious about choosing high mast lights. At the same time, customers are more concerned about the service life of high mast lights. So how long is the service life of the high mast light? How to increase the service life of the high mast light?

Generally, the mainmast height of high mast lights exceeds 20 meters, and the steel plate with a wall thickness of 5.6mm is used as the main material. The main mast of high mast lights has many manufacturing steps, and the surface of the high mast lights will be welded after welding. Hot galvanizing treatment, the high-quality galvanizing process can ensure that the main mast will not rust for more than ten years. The naturally unqualified galvanizing process will also increase the corrosion of the mainmast and reduce the life of the high mast light. If the life of the lamp is long enough, the material and process of the main mast of the high mast light must be carefully selected.

The lamp panel of the high mast light and the lamp panel of the high mast light is divided into a variety of lamp panels according to the diversification of his shape, but the manufacturing process of the lamp panel is invariable. Its ancestors are all manufactured by the bending welding process, but the master Our craftsmanship is different, so the choice of the quality of the lamp panel is also very important.

Let’s talk about the base of high mast lights. Today’s bases, whether led or low-pressure sodium lamps, are the products of electronic paradigms. The electronic products look the same to laymen in appearance. Such equipment is good. The bad cannot be judged from the outside. The light source is the soul of the high mast light, so when choosing the high mast light, the light source is a top priority. When choosing the light source, you must choose genuine products.

From the above, we can see that the high mast light is mainly composed of the main pole, the lamp panel, and the lamp cap. As long as these items are selected high enough, the high quality of the high mast light can be guaranteed.