Basketball is a favorite sport for many people. Those who have a spacious backyard setup a basketball court there. Many schools, recreation centers, parks and corporate centers for employee workouts have a basketball court for their use. These courts serve as a very good source of recreation and exercise for many people. The flooring is an important aspect of such basketball courts. What materials are used to make outdoor basketball court floors and which ones should you go for?

Rubber outdoor basketball court flooring

Many people opt for recycled rubber mats for their court floors, as they are environment-friendly. They give a seamless finish to the floor and make it stable. Moreover, they are long-lasting and have high resistance power against regular use. They provide a uniform thickness and proper density. This is why they are considered safe for exercise. Another form of rubber based mats is calendared rubber tiles. These tiles are strong because of their special thickness patterning. These tiles remain stable in various temperatures. Along with this, these tiles camouflage minor scratches due to their self-healing system. They are also noise proof and can absorb the sound of feet etc. easily.

Amongst many other options, rubber court flooring continues to be the favorite choice for athletic facilities today. This is rightly so, as it offers durability, stain-resistance and is comfortable too. Rubber flooring can be installed easily without wax or sealers. Thus, the maintenance costs are less over the long life of the flooring. The recreation and fitness industry is the main area for rubber flooring applications.

Rubber court flooring is naturally durable, resilient and environmentally friendly. It is widely used in weight rooms, commercial court facilities, locker rooms, shower areas, pool decks and fitness centers all over the world due to its numerous advantages. Rubber flooring offers impact cushioning, absorbs sound and is slip resistant. It has color uniformity, can be recycled and is convenient to look after. It can withstand heavy impacts and loads too.

Rubber court flooring has been a hit in the athletics industry due to its fantastic quality, great functionality and impressive designs. Rubber floors are chemical resistant, dirt repellent and also have fire-fighting features. Not only this, rubber flooring products are available in different types like reversible rubber flooring, diamond plate rubber flooring tiles, rolled rubber sports rolls and rubber equipment mats. Excellent materials are used to produce these flooring products.

Many times when you visit a court, you may find indentations and marks of fitness equipment on the floor. Thus you know that the flooring used is not rubber and cannot handle impact and load. That is why most of the fitness centers or wellness centers use rubber flooring. It is perfect for courts where there is a concentration of heavy loads. Rubber flooring can last for about 15 years on an average and some times, even up to 30 years. The only maintenance it requires is regular sweeping and mopping for giving it a fresh look always. Isn’t it’s durability great?

Rubber court flooring can be customized using countless color combinations and designs. You can also give it a professional look by including your team logo or company name into the floor design. You can choose from various styles and textures for eco-friendly court flooring. Nowadays rubber court flooring is being increasingly used in home courts, children play areas, laundry and recreation rooms too, which proves its popularity once again.

Using hardwood (or laminate) flooring

Unlike carpet or vinyl which needs repeated replacement, solid hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime and longer while maintaining its unique strength, shape, color and durability. This is why investing in hardwood flooring is so much more practical and cost effective. But even more important than being cost effective, hardwood flooring has added health benefits as well. Asphalt-paved basketball courts have a tendency to trap dirt, and accumulate mold and mildew, which triggers allergens and dust mites that pose a health problem for many people, especially when they are exposed to it over time. Many allergy doctors recommend replacing them with a wood floor to help minimize the side effects for people struggling with asthma or allergies. Natural wood also puts off a much lower level of chemical emissions than asphalt does (which can be especially harmful for little children). As you can see, a wood floor is very beneficial to your health.

An additional advantage of hardwood flooring is that maintaining it is very easy and convenient. Keeping a hardwood floor clean is remarkably easier than other floors. Spills are easily cleaned up and you don’t have to worry about fading and discoloration or having to remove an ugly stain

Using asphalt floors in outdoor basketball courts

Asphalt is, without doubt, the most common flooring material for outdoor courts. During the production of reused asphalt a tar component is used and this boosts the longevity of the material. Compaction also continues year after year whenever the material is exposed to rain. In return, a bounded surface is created and is able to resist the impact of a range of weather elements, including the damaging UV rays.

Because old asphalt hardens over time, refinishing and resurfacing services will not be necessary. You will have achieved low maintenance driveways that can seamlessly serve you for years. In addition, your surfaces will be resistant to mud and dust buildup and this should reduce the need to routinely invest in professional cleaning services.

It is worth mentioning that the curb appeal of recycled asphalt is outstanding. Your surfaces will be a perfect mixture of the appearance of traditional asphalt blended with some gravel. This, and the fact that the surfaces will be dust and dirt resistant means that you can enjoy long-lasting and visually appealing driveways for many years. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of using old asphalt, you need to work with trained and licensed contractors who are also insured and bonded.
Irrespective of the flooring material, the ideal outdoor basketball court should be level. Tree branches and other hanging objects that could cause obstruction should be trimmed too. Whenever possible, orient the court in the North-South direction. This minimizes the sun’s glare when playing.