So finally, you have decided to go out and see a live match of your favorite team in the football stadium. But you are confused that which football stadium seats will give you the utmost enjoyment throughout the game. Well, this confusion will no longer exist by the end of this article.

This is because we have brought you an article which will cover in-depth about -how you can choose the most suitable stadium seating chairs to enjoy and support your team and get the most amazing experience.

Football is arguably one of the most-watched and most celebrated games in the whole planet. Also, it falls under a very competitive sports category where teams go head to head with one another. However, the same goes for spectators and crazy football fans. The only difference is they compete for stadium seating chairs – off-field.

There is the catch – If you are hunting for the best football stadium seats, you need to understand that it is completely a subjective choice. You cannot just watch a vlog or read an article to find the best seat.

That being said, as a supporter you need to keep many aspects in mind and comprehend according to your personal preference. To make things convenient, we have listed different football stadium seats along with some pros and cons to help you get the most suitable seats before you buy a football ticket.

So, without further ado lets us dive into the article and find you the most suitable seat.

The Side Stands

This is the most suitable place for people who like to analyses the football match. It is situated about halfway up the side stand & around the hallway line. From here, you can easily take a full view of the action and also see the team formation.

This is perhaps the biggest reason why the director’s and manager’s boxes are situated somewhere in this position. It is considered a VIP stands which clearly means it is the most expensive stadium seats.

Despite being the most expensive football stadium seats, this stands is usually the first to be sold out. It is either reserved for those in hospitality or belong to the season ticket holders.

So, if you have decided to pick this position, you have to purchase the tickets on the first release date. Because it will become very difficult to capture any seats in this position if you delay even for one day.

And if you miss out on the chances, you will have to move away from the middle towards the end of the side stands. And believe us, if you are going for the first time, this is not going to be a very pleasurable experience because from here you won’t be able to see the full pitch and would not be able to analyze the tactics and formation of the game.

Behind the Goal – The End Stands

If you have a budget to maintain and still want to enjoy watching your favorite team playing, the ends stand is your go-to option. Why? Because this position is often considered one of the cheapest seats in the football stadium.

The reason for this is – you won’t be able to get a full view of the pitch, plus you won’t be able to see what is happening on the other end of the stadium and will miss big events. Especially, if you are sitting just behind the goal post.

Despite the flaws, this seat is suitable for you if you are a passionate football fan and loves to sing, shout and cheer for your team. This could be a suitable place for people who love to get fully involved in the action and don’t mind what’s going on in the other end.

The end stand is also one of the busiest section of the football stadium, this is because many over-enthusiastic football fans take their seats here and stand for cheering even though it is not allowed.

So, you may want to keep in mind that, the visibility of the game could be disturbed frequently and you will have to stand to watch the game. This is why we told you, the end stand is for those who could consider themselves real football fans and won’t mind standing for full game.

NOTE: Away fans usually sit in the end stands that is opposite to the home’s end stand. So, if you want to exchange some friendly remarks or teasing you could take your seat next to them.

These positions are usually in the middle section where you could grab your seats and enjoy the game, now let us discuss eight’.

Considering Height

Every football stadium will vary in height, but keep in mind that if you take a seat too high, you won’t be able to feel and fully enjoy the game. Altogether, if you are going for the first time, you want to avoid taking stadium seats with backs that are too high.

Same goes if you sit too close, taking seats closer can have some advantages like you could see your favorite player and could get an autograph if lucky, the downside is that you won’t be able to see what is exactly going on, as you will get have a zoomed view.

Therefore, the best seat (while keeping height in consideration) is the middle section seats regardless you are on the side stand or end stand.

Upper Tire


Cheapest SeatsBest for analyzing the tactics and formationSuitable for regular spectator You get a bird-eye view


You will not feel connected with the game.Not suitable if you are going for the first time.Would not be able to identify the players.

Lower Tire


Best for someone who wants to see the action closely.Watch your favorite player celebrating and playing in front of your eyes.You could come on TV (Bonus)


You won’t be able to understand the tactics and formation.No bird-eye view.

Other factors to consider

Besides, keeping the height and section in mind, there are two other factors –

1: Exiting the stadium – If you want to enjoy the time and action even after the game is over, you could sit anywhere. However, if the case is opposite, you have to take a seat near to the exit as many supporters could gather up and make the exit difficult after the match is over.

2: Frequent toilet visitor – Sitting at the end of the row will give you the advantage to slip quickly for the toilet if you like to enjoy a beverage and are frequent toilet visitors.


There you go! Factors to keep in mind before purchasing the football ticket. Hope you find the above-mentioned information on – choosing a suitable football stadium seats helpful. Enjoy!