If you love golf and would like to know more about artificial golf turf it makes lots of sense to spend some time going through this article. We will be talking about the ways to choose the right artificial golf turf. However, before doing so, we need to have some understanding about these golf turfs. To begin with having an artificial golf green top is indeed a good decision and it certainly is a great investment. Maintaining natural grass is tough, expensive and complicated. It does take quite a bit of time. Hence, there is a growing shift towards artificial golf turfs. It could help you to live the dream of an elegant and evergreen lawn that could be best suited for regular golf practice. It could remain green and fresh throughout the year, irrespective of winter, summer, and other such climate related external dependencies. Additionally, there are some obvious benefits and advantages as far as these artificial golf courses are concerned.

Why Choose Artificial Turfs?

There are obviously a number of reasons why it makes sense to go in for artificial golf courses. Let us try and have a look at few of them for the benefit of our readers.

  • Minimum maintenance is one of the main reasons why it makes sense to go in for these artificial turfs. Many companies who promote artificial turfs may talk about zero maintenance. This is not the case because some bit maintenance is required. But it is much less when compared to natural grass turfs.
  • Elimination of puddling. Before the artificial turf is laid down, the ground is rolled and smoothened out. This helps in eliminating valleys and grooves and water accumulation can be avoided. Further, when you have the right water exit channels, it will help in draining excess water and prevent puddles from forming in low lying areas.
  • You also can avoid grass stains and in case of natural grass it leads to grass stains and bald patches here and there. This becomes unsightly and it also could impact the grass in the adjoining areas. This problem can also be avoided when you go in for artificial golf turfs.
  • Quite often we see natural grass fading and dying in shaded areas. However, this is not the case with artificial turf. This is because it does not require direct sunlight. Synthetic turf works quite well in shade because it will continue to retain its color and size even if it does not have adequate sunlight or water.
  • It is eco-friendly because there is no need for expensive and damaging fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.
  • Best suited for recreational areas. Artificial turfs do not grow or spread and therefore it could be used as tennis courts, patio surfaces and for other recreational purposes.

There are obviously a number of reasons for choosing the right artificial golf turf courses. But we should how to select the right one and we are happy to share a few vital and important tips that could help the readers. It could make them more informed and knowledgeable and make them choose the right artificial golf turfs.

Be Sure About The Face Weight

Face weight is one of the most important considerations when you decide to go in for artificial golf turn. It is basically the weight of the fiber or in other words the amount of material that is used. This excludes the back. Normally, 40 to 60 ounces is the suggested face weight for a normal turf that has a natural green look. As the face weight increases, the turf cost also increases and this should also be always kept in mind.

Good Drainage System

Water should not stagnate in any artificial turf. Hence, you must ensure that the entire turf area has the best of drainage systems. It should have holes measuring around 1/2 centimeters. These could help in easy drainage of water. The drainage should be fast and it should be at least 30 inches per hour, per square yard. It helps in keeping the turf clean and also prevents bacteria and various other unwanted growths within the grass.

Choose The Right Shape

Turfs come in different shapes and colors and this is determined by the height of the blade. V shaped blade are known as Vista Fiber. You also have oval shaped blades and they are used for landscaping purposes. They are also durable and soft. If you are planning a turf for commercial and residential purposes you could go in for diamond fiber shaped materials. It comes with a sturdier looks and also is perhaps more durable and long lasting.

Stimp Reading

Stimp reading is another important factor to be taken into account when choosing an artificial golf turf. This reading helps us to understand the speed at which the golf ball rolls on the green turfs. A higher stimp reading would mean a faster rolling of the ball. The speed can be changed by changing the stimp reading but it should be done when the turf is being laid. Different installations have different stimp readings.

Pile Height

This is basically the thickness of the turf. It is an important quality and should be taken into account when selecting a suitable artificial golf turf. The normal thickness ranges between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inches. The lower the height of the pile, the better it would be because it will help smoother and easier rolling of the ball.

Proper Leveling is Important

Before having the golf turn laid out, be sure to level out the land. The land has to be completely flat. Uneven land should be avoided because it could lead to bumps caused by fabricate. This may lead to the greens coming off within a short period of time. Leave it to the experts because they will be able to check out for areas that come with uneven land. They also will make sure that it is leveled before installation.


The above are few of the tips that one should bear in mind before going in for artificial golf turf. If you choose the right turf material and also employ the right professionals to get the job done, you can be sure that your entire golf turf area will look much better and you also can use for various other purposes. Yes, it does cost quite a bit of money but if you consider it as an investment you will not mind. You can be sure that a well laid out artificial golf turf will go a long way in enhancing the overall value of the home or commercial premises.