As the mainstream floor decoration material on the market, wooden floor is often the first choice for interior decoration. Because the wooden floor is beautiful and layered in appearance, has a texture and gives the human body a better touch.

This is a big problem for many friends who have no experience in decoration. Let’s take the decoration of a basketball hall with a widespread as an example. There are three common types of wooden floors: solid wood sports floors, solid wood composite floors, and laminate floors. The solid wood sports floor is also known as the log sports floor. The sports wooden floor is a floor made of solid wood.

The solid wood composite floor is made of a layer of solid wood (the wood accounts for about 90%, and the bottom is plywood composed of a variety of fast-growing building materials). Therefore, the quality of the glue used in the solid wood floor determines the floor.

Reinforcement can also be called composite flooring or a technical term is a wood laminate flooring impregnated with paper, consisting of a wear-resistant layer, a decoration layer, a high-density substrate layer, and a balanced moisture-proof layer. It contains many adhesives, formaldehyde is easily overrun.

So how do we choose a suitable and environmentally friendly wooden floor? Here are a few points for you to analyze briefly. Now let’s take a look.

Look at appearance

See if the texture is clear and natural. When looking at the texture, don’t pick the floor where the geometry is very regular and looks the same. Secondly, it depends on whether the paint film on the exterior of solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring is uniform and soft, whether there are blisters, paint leaks on the exterior, and the condition of the holes.

Try touch

We can touch it with our hands and feel the comfort of its appearance. To enhance this touch, many businesses on the market, whether it is solid wood flooring or solid wood composite flooring, have made a 3D appearance bump effect and can also massage the soles of the feet.

Look at the standard

In terms of the stability of the wood, the smaller the size, the more stable it is, and it is not easy to deform, so it is recommended that you try to choose a small standard.

Stain resistance

Stain resistance is also a very important consideration, and the detection method is very convenient and simple. We can make a few strokes on the wooden floor with a water-based pen. If it is a high-quality floor, it only needs to be slightly scrubbed, and the trace will disappear, otherwise, the residual floor will still have significant traces.

Abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of solid wood floors and parquets depends on the appearance of the paint. Laminated flooring is abrasion-resistant because of its appearance, so its abrasion resistance is much higher than that of solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. It is more suitable for public places. The abrasion resistance of laminate flooring still depends on its abrasion resistance, which is usually indicated by this business.

Cost performance

The benefits of buying are fundamental. Solid wood flooring is expensive among the three types of flooring, but it is also environmentally friendly and layered; solid wood composite flooring is more cost-effective; laminate flooring is high cost-effectiveness, its wear resistance and stability are very good, and the installation is relatively simple and easy to maintain, the defect is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, in comparison, sports wooden flooring is chosen.