Many players throughout the world enjoy playing the refreshing game of basketball. Though you can play in your home also but you may not get the right place to play it. You should think of basketball court cost while making an indoor court, if you have some spare place in your home.

You can practice easily even in harsh climatic conditions and improve your gameplay if you have an indoor basketball court. You can install a basketball floor within your budget by controlling installing basketball court cost and its maintenance.

Moreover, you can install various types of basketball courts as per the convenience of your team. An estimate of indoor basketball court cost is discussed in this write-up if you want to build one in your home for you and your players.

Factors influencing basketball court cost

Type and dimensions of the court: The basketball court cost depends mainly on the kind of court you want to install, full or half. You can opt for a full basketball court if you have adequate space otherwise a half-court can be enough for practice. The dimension of the court depends upon the type of league or competition you are preparing for. Furthermore, the cost of building a full or half NBA court can be very expensive due to its larger dimensions. A 3-on-3 court with 30′ x 30′ dimensions can be the right size for a half indoor court on a low budget.

Finances: Prior to start building an indoor basketball court you should have a suitable budget to cover the basketball court cost-effectively. Your budget should be enough to meet some unexpected expenses like the cost of planning, materials, and labor, etc. along with the real cost of installing the court.

Location of building the court: It can also affect the basketball court cost. It can be different if you are building it in your basement than on the ground. You will have to arrange nearly $40,000 if you are constructing a basketball court by refurbishing a room.

Calculation of basketball court cost

The basketball court cost can vary from $10,000 to $46,000 depending upon its types and standard. Though it can be expensive to construct a court by renovating a space in the interior but constructing an indoor court exclusively can be more expensive. Moreover constructing a court as per the standards of NCAA or NBA can be extremely expensive as a full-court may cost up to $46,000 and a half up to $23,000.

However, the basketball court cost can decrease with the decrease in its dimensions. The cost of building a full court with dimensions of a high school can be $43,000 and for a half-court $21,000. But $9,000 can be the cost of a 3-on-3 basketball court.

The cost of a full-court with junior high dimensions can be $31,000 and $15,000 for a half-court. Furthermore, you will have to arrange some money for organizing construction materials, and professional labor along with the basketball court cost to complete your project effectively.

Moreover, the cost of a basketball court floor can vary from $3,000 to $29,000 as well as the installation cost of the hoop can vary from $300 to $1,600 according to your budget. The cost of materials and labor can vary from $13,000 to $46,000 according to their standard.

Basketball court cost according to the type of materials

You can regulate the basketball court cost by choosing materials according to your budget. The cost of materials, installation, and maintenance can differ according to their type like cement slabs, maple hardwood, and laminate flooring, etc.

Cost of Cement Slabs: The indoor basketball court cost can be lowered by installing cement slabs at $6 for a square feet approximately, including the cost of smoothening it by finishing it with epoxy.

Cost of laminate floor: Laminate floor will give a look like a maple hardwood but lower the basketball court cost to a great extent. The cost of its installation and maintenance will be around $4-$6 for every square foot.

Cost of Maple Hardwood Courts: Basketball court cost including the cost of material, installation, and maintenance of maple hardwood flooring can be $8-$14 per square foot which is too high for the people with a limited budget.

Along with the installation of the floor, $1,000 can be the cost of installation of HVAC to keep the court dust free and use lights during training or playing.


Various factors can influence the basketball court cost while installing an indoor court. You can choose materials and type of the court as per your budget. You can save money by installing a 3-on-3 indoor basketball court instead of the dimensions of an NBA court.