The flooring for rubber sport courts can be commonly seen in school gyms and various other facilities of similar nature for using in indoor sports tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts or for the weight room flooring among various athletic uses as well. Such type of flooring would be available in various designs and colors with logo options for facilities of schools and these would also appear impressive within indoor fieldhouse with weight rooms when they first get installed. However, with the repeated rubber gym flooring use you get scuff marks with accumulation of dirt as the floor surface texture can easily trap soil and dirt from the shoes.

The scuff marks with accumulated dirt also makes floor appear worn out and dull, requiring maintenance and cleaning for keeping sports court with new appearance. The synthetic court floor supplier or installer normally suggests buying cleaners that are specifically designed for new rubber/synthetic sports flooring. However, they would also seldom explain or simply demonstrate regarding the right techniques for floor maintenance and keeping them appearing new like. Also note that everything depends on the technique!

With following tips for cleaning you efficiently maintain and clean rubber gyms with synthetic sports flooring:

Cleaning Tips meant for Synthetic Rubber Flooring

Just after installation, the synthetic sports flooring appears truly pleasing, but after some sport related wear and tear, these get scuffed up while catching a lot of dirt and marks. For prevention of build-up of dirt in advance, the resource gym floor also developed techniques and strategies for proper removal of scuff with restoration and daily cleaning.

Along with removal of gym floor markets, you can also minimize dust and dirt which is great for keeping floors with best appearance. If the dust and dirt build up without remaining unattended, your floors remain dull.

Cleaning through Tac-Tite Speed Mop or through Units of CourtCleaning

You can look out for and later on remove any kind of foreign sticky substance through the floor like loose tape and gym through putty knife.

The whole floor must be dust mooed thoroughly through 60” or 72” Dust Defender Microfiber Gym Mop.

Mix 2 oz. of Tac-Tite Neutral Sport Floor Cleaner per single gallon cold tap water inside large cleaning bucket through wringer that works properly.

Now immerse CourtClean Towels or Speed Mop heads (if you’re using CourtClean Unit) into mixed solution for cleaning.

The Tac-Tite Speed Mop has to be pushed up and down while changing heads as required. Now pull CourtClean Unit while moving towels and changing towards clean side as required.

Auto-Scrubber Daily Cleaning

Look out and then remove any type of sticky foreign substance through putty knife.

Dust mop the whole sport floor thoroughly through cleaning 60” or through 72” Dust Defender Mop Microfiber.

Now mix 2 oz. of Tac-Tite Neutral Sport Floor Cleaner for 1-gallon cold tap water through Auto-Scrubber through proper working vacuum squeegee.

Through the use of blue brush or scrub pad, it’s best to clean the whole flooring through single scrub methods (while applying solution for cleaning, picking in a pass, scrubbing).

Tips for maintenance

For areas with higher traffic access you can make use of WatherHogtm and then vacuum on a daily basis.

Now dust mop whole floor 2 to 3 times in day.

The right functioning wheels must be put while supporting on chairs with movable equipment for minimal indentation.

While using battery operated through auto scrubber, you have to be sure that it gets charged properly, so the battery acid also doesn’t have floor leakage.

You have to be sure that squeeze wouldn’t be in fine working condition for catching water.

Removing Black Marks and Scuffs

You can use sprayer for pump up tanks and then mix 8 oz. GFR’s Citra Blaze cleaner for 1 gallon tap water Front Mounted Squeegee Wet Vac

Now spray it on any white scuffs and shoe marks while keeping semi-mist setting in the sprayer.

The cleaner has to dwell on floor for about two or three minutes

The use of Fas-Stick Scuff Removal Tool through yellow scuff pad, scrubs marks off floor

The whole floor must get rinsed with auto-scrubber or Tac-Tite Speed Mop must be used or you can also use CourtClean unit with wringer and bucket that contains clean rinsing water.

The whole floor must be rinsed with auto-scrubber or you can make use of Tac-Tite Speed Mop or CourtClean Unit along with wringer and bucket for containing clean rinsing water.

Cleaning and restoration (Making the Floor Appear like New)

Look for sticky objects on surface such tape or gum pieces and remove these through putty knife.

The whole synthetic sports flooring must be dust mopped carefully after inspecting. For cleaning you can make use of 60” or 72” Dust Defender Gym Mop.

You can Mix around 4 oz. GFR’s Citra Blaze cleaner for single gallon tap water in wringer and clean bucket.

In a lot of controlled areas, the use of game lines would require large amounts of mixed solutions for cleaning through fan-tail mop or through auto-scrubber.

The cleaner dwell must be left on floor for around 2 or 3 minutes.

With the use of 20” rotary 175 RPM machine (buffer/scrubber) with blue cleaning pad, the wet area scrub back and forth while overlapping third one. Heal floor machine on stubborn white and black scuff marks.

(if you’ve got heavily scuffed floors you can utilize single part of Citra Blaze cleaner with 4 parts mixture of water through pump up sprayer for tank. Heavily soiled areas in the floor can easily get pre-sprayed before you apply diluted cleaners)

Later on rinse the areas that have been cleaned with auto-scrubber through clean water and red scrub pad.

The dry floor should have air mover with high velocity when required.

Synthetic rubber floors have been appraised because of their durability, performance and lovely color options and also these appear fine upon being new, but through the floor wear and tear they appear dull or dirty without ideal maintenance and cleaning. Through such maintenance and cleaning tips, you’ll easily be able to keep the synthetic sports flooring of your court like new and lively.