Sports stadium floors are now used in most stadiums and theater stages. Although sports wood flooring is very popular, many friends do not know much about sports wood flooring. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a popular science sports wooden floor. So that everyone can make better decisions.

Advantages of sports wooden floor


The solid wood sports flooring has a very natural texture. People will be more pleasing when they exercise, and they can also decorate the stadium.


People step on the sports wooden floor and feel very comfortable. Of course, they feel better when they exercise.

Degree of safety

When we exercise, we must pay attention to safety. After all, there may be injuries during sports. To protect the safety of athletes, indoor sports halls will choose solid wood materials as the ground material.

Disadvantages of sports wooden floors

Cannot get wet

The sports wooden floor is pure wood, so pay attention to keep the ground dry. If the sports floor is wet, it can easily damage the drum and deform. Will cause great security risks.

Can’t directly sun

No matter what kind of wooden floor, can not let the sunshine directly on it, this is very easy to cause sports wooden floor expansion and cracks.

In general, sports wooden floors are the ideal paving material for stadiums and theater stages. As long as the daily maintenance of sports wooden floors is well done, it can make up for the shortcomings of sports wooden floors.