With the development, more artificial turf fields or environments have been seen in recent years. Why is artificial grass so popular? What advantages does artificial turf have?

Why has artificial sports turf been widely used in recent years?

  1. It can be installed on a variety of foundation surfaces. The quality of the foundation is not high, and it is not afraid of cracking or worrying about blistering and delamination. It is simple and economical.
  2. Artificial grass is easy to maintain and low maintenance costs. It can be removed by just washing with water, and has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.
  3. The overall layout of the artificial turf sports field is beautiful, the utilization rate is high, the service life can reach more than 8 years, and it is durable and maintenance-resistant, and can be used continuously all day.
  4. Artificial grass is environmentally friendly, finished product construction, fixed and short construction period, easy to master quality, simple acceptance.
  5. Artificial turf has the characteristics of shock absorption and noiselessness, safety and harmlessness, elasticity, and good flame retardant properties. It is suitable for school use and is the current venue for activities, training, and competition.
  6. Artificial turf adopts the concept of safety and environmental protection to avoid sports injuries. It provides sufficient cushioning power to reduce the damage that may be caused to the feet by the hard ground so that you have no concerns caused by the venue.
  7. The foundation is not bonded to the surface layer. When the surface layer has expired, it is only necessary to replace the surface layer, and the reinvestment cost is low.
  8. The lawn scribing adopts direct programming, so there is no need to worry about frequent scribing, easy maintenance, and almost no subsequent maintenance costs.

As for real grass, artificial grass is far superior to real grass in that regard, in addition to the natural environment, especially the maintenance cost of real grass has stopped many people.

Therefore, in general, unless there are specific requirements, most sports fields are laid with artificial turf, and artificial grass is also the mainstream aspect of future sports fields!