The sports floor is a professional floor for sports venues. It has good abrasion resistance, non-slip resistance, strong ball resilience, high Mocha coefficient, and good vibration absorption. Attention to the following points to ensure the quality of the wooden floor in the gym:

Regulation of moisture content of sports wooden floor

Before installing the sports wooden floor, the floor should now be disassembled and stacked on the construction site for 1-2 days, so that the moisture content of the wooden floor and the local air humidity are balanced.

Screening of sports wooden floors

Sports wood flooring is selected from natural maple, and the color difference is inevitable. Before the installation of the wooden floor, the surface layer is screened, and the wooden floor with a large color difference is installed at the edge of the site or other inconspicuous places.

Moisture-proof treatment

For the southern and coastal areas, the humidity of the air is large, and moistureproof work should be done before the installation of sports wooden floors. It is recommended to apply a waterproof coating on the ground in areas with high humidity.

Expansion joints reserved

During the installation of sports wooden floors, expansion joints need to be reserved. The specific width is calculated based on the local environment and climate differences.

Ventilated baseboard settings

The moisture content of the concealed structure of sports wooden floors is also critical. Ventilated skirtings can keep the humidity of the bottom air of sports wooden floors consistent with the interior.

Avoid cross construction

The installation of a sports wooden floor should be the last item in the stadium project. Before the installation of a sports wooden floor, all other facilities in the stadium should be installed.

Stadium sports wooden floor is a special kind of flooring, which is very different from ordinary home improvement flooring. Solid wood sports flooring is dedicated to stadiums. The performance and comfort of solid wood sports flooring are made according to the needs of stadiums, so Solid wood sports flooring is only suitable for the flooring of stadiums.