For basketball stadiums to operate well for a long time, it is necessary to do daily maintenance of the wooden floor of the basketball court. Here are some tips for the popularization of science and wood floor maintenance for basketball courts:

  1. Pure solid wood flooring used in basketball courts needs to keep the surface of the basketball wooden floor clean and dry. Therefore, in use, it is necessary to avoid contact with a large amount of water medium, and it is even more difficult to clean it. Use alkaline water to clean it to avoid its highly alkaline medium and damage the paint film on the surface of the floor. In normal care, you need to wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
  2. During the use of the basketball court floor, the surface needs to be waxed at regular intervals. During the waxing process, a semi-dry cloth must be used to uniformly apply the surface to ensure its coating. The layers can effectively penetrate the wooden floor. During waxing, you need to wipe the floor surface back and forth with a soft cloth until the surface shows its unique brightness.
  3. For the floor of the basketball court, after the laying is completed, it is necessary to prevent the surface paint film from cracking due to the sun exposure, thereby improving its premature aging and other phenomena. For those cigarette butts and matches that are thrown away, they need to be completely cleaned to prevent the surface of the floor from being burnt. Because this type of floor is a solid wood floor, hard objects on the floor must be timely Cleanup.
  4. The material selection of the basketball court wooden floor should not be ignored. The two seemingly similar floorings are very different in price. Do you know that the floorings of the same material have different specifications at different prices? There are differences in price there is not much difference in performance. However, different tree species that seem to have the same specifications will have great differences in use.
  5. The daily maintenance of the wooden floor of the basketball court should be done by the requirements. It is strictly prohibited to wear spikes, high heels and other hard objects that are easy to scratch the floor. The wooden floor of the basketball court must be ventilated and avoid direct sunlight Clean with a dry, moistened mop and perform regular maintenance.