Make sure that no one is on the court

Making sure that no one is on the basketball court is one of the most important steps in that process. When people are constantly on the court it guarantees that it’s going to take longer than it should. Even when you are able to cover all the ground, it wouldn’t have been the best job that you could’ve done. There are many sources of dirtiness when you are on the court and people walking there is just going to make it worse. Some have a lot of water from the rain or the mud which is going to make the process worse.

You need to set a time when no one is going to come into the room and then you’ll be able to do it in the most effective way. Most of the time, brand new sneakers on a freshly waxed court isn’t going to make it dirty. It’s going to take a long time before it needs cleaning and more dirt is going to come from the dust in the ceiling.. The court is going to be clean for a very long time, so it’s important to do a good job of cleaning.

Clean bigger debris off first

The waxing process is more of a polished layer for the actual process. You still need to make sure that there isn’t anything too big on the court that could become a problem. If there are objects such as pencils, gum, or paper, they aren’t going to go away with the wax. You’re going to need to get a janitor to clean a majority of those things off first. This is a precursor step to the actual waxing process. The objective is to get off as much trash as possible on the court.

In the process, you’re going to be able get rid a lot of the dust that you would have to wax off in the first place. The goal is to maintain a consistent court for the basketball players. Most people think that either moping the court, or waxing the court is going to be good enough, in actuality, you need both if you want to make that happen. The mop will make the court only slightly damp which will be easier to clean over time. This is a step that many seem to forget, but is one of the best things you can do.

Don’t Overclean

It may sound like it’s ridiculous, but it’s a real thing that can happen.. When you are cleaning you want to do just enough that you covered the floor with your fininsher. When you finish that process, many people are going to be on the court at once with no worries when it comes to slipping. But most of this will not happen if you are cleaning too much. You need to apply a finisher when going over a basketball court, many of them have a high durability rating, but that’s mainly for running on it. Most of them weren’t made to be repeatedly waxed over many times.

The mop won’t be that much of a problem as long as you are making sure that you do it in certain spots. It’s best for making sure that you only do it when you see a noticeable amount of dust. When you clean during times that you don’t have to, you’re going to end up hurting the court that you’re working on. The worst part is that you’re going to have to end up spending more money on finisher that you could’ve used for the other court.

Get the right finisher

The finisher is one of the most important things you can look at on your basketball court flooring finisher. You want something that is going to work for that kind of floor that you are going to use. It’s a great set for a long time if you want to be able to set it up properly. The most important step is going to know that it works for a long time so that you won’t have to apply it as often. The finisher may even determine if the players have consistent footing when they happen to be training or playing.

You want a finisher that’s going to be used to the amount of pressure and friction that many bodies are going to go on. The majority of shoes will be able to stop on a dime in a real match, how long it lasts is going to be the more important factor when assessing how good the finisher is. You also want to make sure that you get a machine that covers a lot lot of area, but set it to one of the slower moving options. You’re going to have to do some testing to see which is going to last the longest and give you great quality.

Test shoes to see the traction

The court is for shoes to have consistent footing during athletic contests. Basketball shoes are going to be the most consistent, because they are designed from the ground up to be made for those kind of sports. It has likely been tested many times on courts of many different courts to make sure that it doesn’t slip. There are some exceptions when it comes to this, but the majority of basketball shoes happen to be very consistent. You should take a look at the other kinds of shoes to see how effective the wax is.

Vans are a brand of skateboarding shoes known for their waffle traction on the out sole. Though they aren’t meant to be used on a basketball court, it wouldn’t hurt to try sliding them across the court to see how much resistance there is across the court. If it happens that it doesn’t slide that much at all, it means you did a good job. You can try this with other kinds of non-basketball shoe brands such as Converse. Even though, at one time, they were made with some kind of performance, they weren’t designed for today’s courts in mind. If you have consistent results, that means you waxed the court well.