Sports wooden floor refers to the wooden floor used in sports venues. There are many differences between sports wooden floors and ordinary wooden floors. What are the factors that affect the price of sports wooden floors? The following is popular science for everyone:


First of all, you need to choose the floor material for sports flooring. There are 3 types of flooring: maple, rubberwood, and fraxinus mandshurica. Different materials play different roles, and the price of sports wooden floors is naturally different. Already.


The price of domestic maple sports wood flooring is different from the imported Canadian maple. The domestic Northeast maple (color wood) is relatively cheaper than the imported Canadian maple because Canadian maple produced in Canada has a shorter growing period. Winter is longer, so the wood texture is dense, not easy to crack, but it is brighter and smoother under the action of friction and has a strong ability to withstand the impact, so it is durable and wear-resistant.

Installation structure

The different installation structure of sports wooden floor also affects the price of sports wooden floor. The sports wooden floor is divided into multi-layer structures according to needs, mainly including single-layer keel and double-layer keel structure. From a cost perspective, the cost of a single-layer structure is much lower than that of a double-layer keel. The single keel sports wooden floor is a construction requirement evolved from the double keel, which maintains high shock absorption and continuous resilience, which mainly saves the keel cost.

Stadium conditions

In addition to the selected material and structure of the sports wooden floor, it depends on the objective conditions of the stadium, such as the paving area and the use of the stadium.

The difference in the price of sports wooden floors is caused by the above factors, so when we choose sports wooden floors, we choose sports wooden floors for basketball courts according to our own needs.