Everything pays attention to the meticulous workmanship. For example, a piece of clothing, a good fabric is only a foundation, and what is really attractive is its exquisite workmanship. Just like sports wood flooring, a truly qualified sports wood flooring standard does not just Choose a good material, superb paving process is the most important.

These points must be done before construction:

  1. Check whether the ground flatness reaches the standard. If the ground flatness is not up to the standard, paving will cause problems such as chipping, warping, arching, and sound of the floor. During the inspection, a 2M ruler can be placed on the ground for inspection, and a 3mm thick feeler can be used to check the gap between the ruler and the ground. If it fails, it passes, and if it passes, it fails. If the ground is not level, you need to use a spatula to level it. In severe cases, you need to re-level or do self-leveling.
  2. The inspection of the moisture content of the ground cannot be forgotten, because if the moisture content of the ground is too high, the floor will easily absorb water and swell, causing problems such as arching, drumming, and sounding of the floor. The moisture content tester can be used to measure the moisture content of the ground during the inspection. The standard requirement for common ground is <20%, and the requirement for geothermal flooring is <10%.
  3. After checking the moisture content, make sure that the waterproof measures are well protected. The most feared thing for wooden floors is water. After the water invasion of the floor, a series of problems such as blistering, degumming, and deformation will occur, making it unusable.
  4. It is important to ensure that the floor is strong. If the ground is not solid, it may not affect first, but after laying the floor for some time, it will be prone to noise. So this is easy to overlook.

Also, to everyone who is about to lay down the sports wooden floor, it is recommended that the period of laying the wooden floor of the gymnasium should be staggered from the other decoration period. Try to lay the sports wooden floor after the decoration.