A gymnasium’s floor has a major influence on the physical activities that are practiced on it every day. Keeping it in good conditions it’s essential for the optimal performance of the athletes. However, maintaining a hardwood gym floor clean can be a difficult task, as it withstands a tremendous amount of use day after day. Over time, the appearance of the floor will decline due to the aggressiveness of the sports played, and the wear and tear that involves.

To keep enjoying safely of any physical activity in the gym, proper cleaning and maintenance it’s necessary. This way, the floor will remain capable to endure its activities for a very long time.

Use cleaning products specific for sporting areas

A gymnasium’s floor develops a different kind of soil made of sweat and body fat. Using cleaning materials designed for gym floors or similar will provide the best results, as it won’t damage the flooring surfaces.

Although basic products can be cheaper, they usually don’t achieve optimal cleaning. Especially, when it comes to trying to deal with a specific flooring issue. Therefore, it’s more effective to rely on the best products and avoid any potential damage to the wood flooring.

The correct dilution rate

Ideally, the hardwood floor of a gym should be scrubbed once a week using an auto scrubber. As said before, sweat and dirt quickly on the hardwood surface. However, it’s vital to use the correct dilution rate when scrubbing to avoid further inconveniences.

For example, using more cleaning solution than the appropriate leaves the surface sticky due to the excess of detergent. Later, the dust will start building up and the floor will become slippery.

The morning is the best time to clean the floor

To avoid the abrasive effect of the dirt, the best is to clean the floor as early as possible in the morning. Doing this allows the dust and dirt to settle on the hardwood gym flooring after everyone’s gone.

When people start using the gym and the dirt is still there on the surface, the sandpaper effect of the debris will scratch the floor with each person that walks on it.

Use water in addition to your hardwood floor cleaning products

A wet cleaning process, such as mopping or automatic scrubbing, can greatly improve the maintenance of the hardwood gym flooring. Combined with your regular hardwood flooring, it will provide better results when trying to remove the dirt coming from people’s perspiration and sweat.

Use a microfiber dust mop

A gymnasium’s hardwood flooring could be potentially dangerous due to the dust on its surface. The floor rapidly collects the dust turning into a slippery or rough surface. Therefore, you need to clean the floor every day at least one time with a microfiber dust mop.

The microfiber dust mop can be used alone or with some cleaning products. Furthermore, during some sporting events, the floor is dust moped to provide the best playing surface for athletes and ensure the durability of the floor.

Establish a schedule

Regular maintenance will keep the floor away from most scuffs and scratches. Set a regular cleaning schedule for the hardwood gym flooring according to the degree of its use. Oftentimes, school gyms need more frequent maintenance to enhance the appearance of the surface.

Protect the floor with a covering or mat

To maintain the hardwood gym flooring in great condition you need to protect it. You can make the cleaning easier and more affordable over time using some type of covering or mat. These are especially good preventing damage from chairs and gym equipment.

Annual recoating

Applying two coats of finish one time every year will not only give a renewed look to the hardwood gym flooring but also will save you money in the long term in costly reparations.

Some facilities do not recoat yearly, in that case, it’s important to clean the surface every day first thing in the morning.

Prevent unnecessary dirt on the floor

Preventive measures are effective but difficult to make accomplish. Therefore, a pragmatic solution is to make an investment and install walk-off mats. The hardwood gym flooring will be clean and protected, and there will be no need to ask people to not wear street shoes inside the facility.

Use certified products

Make sure the products you plan to use on cleaning the hardwood gym flooring meets the international standards for sports facilities. Domestic cleaning standards are not enough for a professional gym.