Choosing the right led lights for the field is always challenging. This has posed a challenge of so many people. Finding the right led lights for the field is always very difficult. But you should not worry if you want to light your field. There are some tips that you can consider while selecting the right lights for the fields. They are always essential hence they are the primary issues to consider before you start lighting your field. Below are some tips to be considered when lighting a field.

A remote free light

Over the recent years, the lighting a field was majorly fitted with bollards. This was to minimize the maintenance cost and also the control. Since the led lights are maintenance-free then the remote control light is not necessary. Therefore, before you buy a lighting system for the field then you should void the ones controlled by a remote. Choose remote free led lights to enable you to avoid some constant maintenance. There are some which are controlled by the remote but since you have chosen a led lights then a remote free should be the first thing to consider.

Avoid the ones with big hoods

In the past years, the hoods played a key role in the field arena. This was because they were required to redirect the light to the required spot. With the introduction of led lights, these hoods have lost their functions. The led lights have been made in a way that directs lights through refractive means. These have made it very efficient and therefore the big hoods which were previously used have no importance this day. If you want an efficient light then avoid the one with hoods. This is one of the factors to consider while choosing a led light for the field.

Low wattage

This is always a key factor in lighting a field. Here you should choose a led light that uses low wats. The reason is that they are economical. If you choose the low wats consumption lights then you are sure of paying low electric bills. This will help you in minimizing the cost that you spend. You will also be able to light your field where it will be suitable for plying. You will also be able to save a lot through your bills. If you will be in business then you will be able to minimize the spending and maximize the profits. This should be another factor to consider when lighting a field.

Colour of the lights

Lighting the field then you should consider this as a key factor considered. You should select the color that will offer you excellent results. I know some people can select some colored lights and these lights are not suitable for a field. You should choose the lights that will offer excellent results. The one that will not affect the players. This will always be a natural color. That will enable you to see clearly. You can use colored lights for the decoration but not for the field.


This is another key factor to be considered while choosing a light for the field. This is because selecting a light that does not produce any heat is very essential. Heat generating lights affect the players. You might even find players sweating a lot. Hence led lights are always the best but also select the one that has been modified to produce almost zero heat content. This will be very suitable for the field.

Proper beam angle

Since the player will be playing in the field then the angle of the beam should be greatly considered. This is to avoid blinding the players. Good led lights with great beam angles are always the best for lighting the field. This is because they will not affect the players. This should be the lights that have been modified for the function. This is also to help players to see clearly.

Height of the light

This is another key factor. A good height will serve the field perfectly well. You will experience a few issues. Hence height should be considered.


Some companies overs a very short warranty. For the field lights then a 25-year warranty is always the best. This can be a factor to be considered.


Led lights that are water-resistant are always good for a field. The reason is that these lights will be situated outside hence should be water-resistant.


High-quality lights are always the best. This is to save you from constant repairs. High-quality lights should be used for the field.